Mrs. Emma Belle Grass Sr.

by Fern on August 19, 2010

That’s how she writes her name on the envelope after her husband of 53 years passed away. Before that she was Mrs. Edward Grass Sr. That is how proper southern women like to be addressed in their day. I just know her as Aunt Belle. She really wasn’t my Aunt though. She was a good friend of my mother and my grandmother who both have passed away long away. She become my beloved penpal  as I grew out of my teen years and into adulthood and beyond.  I felt like I could always talk with her. Unlike my family, she was warm, and funny. She had a positive outlook on everything and could see the good in the worst of situations.

After my accident, I didn’t write much but started to call her more. She really enjoyed talking with me since she sold the house she lived in and moved into a retirement community.

I felt so blessed to be able to introduce her to my husband. She was thrilled and loved him and we shared a wonderful meal together.

We joke about our feelings about illness and death and she is at peace with knowing that her time is coming. She just wished it would come soon.

I called her today to chat.  Her phone was disconnected.

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