Taking the Time to Write

by Fern on February 17, 2012

When I got out of the hospital, I wanted to write a memoir -not based on my life so much but based on my medical journey. I figured it could help out a lot of people. It’s not one of those brave medical survivor type bull shit writings that I see so much – but deep dark gory pain and suffering that is held in a container of grace, beauty and dignity- something that we all have inside of us and can tap into when these occasions strike- and they do strike fairly frequently.

So be prepared.

I took a wild detour into the internet marketing world- learning SEO, social media, and all. At one time I had 7 blogs. But now I am pared down and ready to write.

I have aligned with the famous local writer- Ellen Sussman  and am taking a class, Novel in a Year. It is more like a journey than a novel and I am on the path.

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